Lorenzo Cuesta Ortiz

Salomé Saldaña Villarreal

July 2014
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Ancestry Seekers – Cuestas

Parroquia de la Purisima Concepcion, Real Del 14, San Luis Potosi, Mx
February 9, 2008 Report

Lorenzo CUESTAS was the grandfather of Lorenzo CUESTA ORTIZ. He was born (1890-60=1830) in Real De Angeles, Zacatecas, Mexico

His parents were Atanacio CUESTAS and Guadalupe MUNOZ.

Died at age of 60 yrs old, 16mar1890 in Real del Catorce, SLP, Mx
(His widow at the time was Petra LOPEZ, also from Real De Angeles, Zac, Mx.) His first wife was Fermina FLORES, daughter of Apolonio FLORES and Micaela SALCEDO.


His nephew, Vidal CUESTAS of 38 yrs old and from Real De Angeles was the informant. Vidal CUESTAS was the son of Estanislao CUESTAS and Luisa BENITES. He was christened on 3may1850 in Asientos, Aguascalientes, MX.


Ma Dominga CUESTAS – 23jul1862
A brother of Lorenzo CUESTAS was Jose Estanislao CUESTAS, also from Angeles.
He married Luisa BENITES whose parents were Carlos BENITES and Dolores ALVARADO.

When he was 30 and she 26 they had Ma Dominga CUESTAS on 23jul1862 in Real del Catorce, SLP, Mx.

By now Atanacio CUESTAS was already dead, but Guadalpe MUNOZ was still alive.


Ma Trinidad CUESTAS – 14jun1862
Another brother of Lorenzo CUESTAS was Filomeno CUESTAS, also from Angeles.
He married Tomasa GARCIA whose parents were ____ GARCIA and Petra GANES(Gomez?).
Tomasa GARCIA was also from Real De Angeles.

When he was 36 and she 34 they had Ma Trinidad CUESTAS on 14jun1862 in Real del Catorce, SLP, Mx.

Filomeno CUESTAS and Tomasa GARCIA also had a daughter, Maria de Jesus CUESTA, christened on15may1853 in Comanja de Corona, Jalisco, MX in the Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion Church.


Gregorio CUESTA – 16may1860
Another brother of Lorenzo CUESTAS was Mateo CUESTA who married Paul CRUZ. They christened Gregorio CUESTA on 16may1960 in Salinas, SLP, MX.

This report includes data for 1 family residing in 5 different locations:

  • Real de Angeles, Zacatecas, Mx
  • Real del Catorce, San Luis Potosi, Mx
  • Asientos, Aguascalientes, Mx
  • Comanja de Corona, Jalisco, Mx
  • Salinas, San Luis Potosi, Mx

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