Lorenzo Cuesta Ortiz

Salomé Saldaña Villarreal

July 2014
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Laredo Violinist

Lorenzo Cuesta Ortiz worked as a violinist from a very young age in Laredo, Texas. He learned from his older brother, Miguel, perhaps.

It was not until much after the end of WW II that the phonograph and the microphone replaced the need for live entertainment. Before then, every mayor social gathering employed performers to prove that the social gathering was prestigious and memorable.

Society pages in the Laredo newspapers offer a great deal of information. Regrettably, several factors prevented the documenting of every public appearance by Lorenzo Cuesta Ortiz. The following factors mislead us into believing that he perfomed rather infrequently.

1. An event may not have been covered by a local newspaper.
2. The article may not have named the musicians.
3. The specific newspaper page may not have been digitized.
4. The current search engine may not be able to read and index the name ‘Cuesta’.

In searching the Laredo newspapers on http://www.newspaperarchive.com and realizing that the complete newspaper collections are not digitized, I found references to Lorenzo Cuesta Ortiz performing as a violinist in Laredo, Texas.

May 3, 1950 Ursuline Academy Festival
Ricardo Pérez (Piano), JC Godoy and Lorenzo Cuesta (Violins), José C Cisneros (Cello), Juan López (Bass Violin)

Mar 6, 1950 Nuevo Laredo Rotary Club 6th Anniversary
Prof Lorenzo Cuesta and his Orquestra

Dec 18, 1949 Holy Redeemer Men’s Club
Angelina Pérez and Lorenzo Cuesta

Aug 14, 1949 Mary Help of Christians School
Lorenzo Cuesta violin solo

Jan 31, 1949 Nuevo Laredo Rotary Club
Lorenzo Cuesta violinist

Mar 27, 1946 Inaguración del Conjunto de Lorenzo Cuesta y su Música Latino-Americana

Apr 14, 1944 Optimist Club
Lorenzo Cuesta and Miss Meyers (played Czards, Souvenier, La Estrellita)

Jun 5, 1944 Nuevo Laredo Rotary Club
Lorenzo Cuesta violin solo

Lorenzo Cuesta married on Nov 4, 1943 in Monterrey, México

Jun 3, 1937 Edith Clark Lowry Dance program at Royal Theater
Edward Aguilar (Piano) and Lorenzo Cuesta (Violin)

Apr 13, 1932 Laredo Rotary Club
Violin numbers by Lorenzo Cuesta and Ramón Aguilar, piano

From 1924 through 1926, Miguel Cuesta (Lorenzo’s older brother) appears in the newspapers as the Cuesta violinist. He does not appear after 1932.

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