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Cajero in Nochistlan

Iglesia de Nochistlan
The word CAJERO now means ‘cashier’, but in the 1700s it probably meant ‘box maker’.

The town of Nochistlan was founded by 1531 in an area inhabited by the indigenous people named Caxcan. The ‘x’ in Caxcan is probably pronounced like the ‘x’ in Mexico in Spanish – as a soft ‘j’. ‘Cajero’ sounds like ‘Caxcan’????


By the 1540s the Chichimeca and the Zacateco indegenous groups were fighting against the Spaniards and their indegenous allies (e.g., the Caxcan). The indegenous people wanted the invading Spaniards out of their sacred grounds. The Spaniards wanted the silver ore from the area. The Spaniards struggled longer and harder with the Chichimecas than they ever did with the Aztecs. Hostilities lasted until the early 1600s.

In 1864, during the French Intervention Nochistlan was also involved in battles.

The following events all happened in Nochistlan, Zacatecas unless stated otherwise.


I. Isidro CAJERO married Ursula DONLUCAS (b:1760, conjectured).
The only offspring I know of is Jose Eugenio CAJERO (b:1780, conjectured).


II. Jose Eugenio CAJERO married Albina SANCHEZ on 25Sep1799.
They had 6 chilren:

  • Elijio (b:8Dec1806),
  • Maria del Carmen (b:1810; m:12Jan1825),
  • Severiano (b:1812; m:18Feb1830),
  • Sixta (b:28Mar1814; m:12Nov1829 and m:13Apr1831),
  • Fernando (b:1819; m:19Feb1835), and
  • Felipe (b:?; m:5Feb1842 and m:9Oct1850).

III. Severiano CAJERO married Dominga BORROEL on 18Feb1830.
They had 12 children:

  • Leandro (m:13Jan1848),
  • Juana (b:31De1832),
  • Natividad (b:10Sep1833; m:26Jul1849)
  • Jose Maria (b:30Dec1838; m:29Jun1854),
  • Timotea (b:20Sep1841),
  • Mercedez (b:27Sep1843),
  • Florentino (b:25Oct1844),
  • Nasaria (b:30Jul1845; m:26Feb1862),
  • Marsial (b:1Jul1848),
  • Reyes (b:9Jun1850),
  • Esiquio (b:18Nov1852), and
  • Felipe (b:6May1854).

IV. Nasaria CAJERO married Francisco ORTIZ on 26Feb1862.
They had 10 children:

  • Petronila (b:2Jun1863),
  • Isabel (b:6Nov1865),
  • Dario (b:22Dec1867; m:16Oct1891 in Monterrey, NL),
  • Juanita (b:1Nov1871 in Fresnillo, Zac.),
  • Pragedis (b:23Jul1879 in Rincon de Romos, Ags),
  • Teresa (b:1881),
  • Tereso (b:30Oct1883 in Monterrey, NL),
  • Antonio (b:16JUn1889 in Monterrey, NL),
  • Jesus (b:?), and
  • Victoria (b:?).

V. Isabel CAJERO ORTIZ married Juan CUESTA FLORES (in Monterrey, NL?)
They had 7 children described on the Cajero-Ortiz blog entry.

VI. One of these children was Lorenzo CUESTA ORTIZ.