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First of my Saldana in Texas

On 7Jul1910 in Monterrey, NL, Juanita VILLARREAL VELA married Rafael SALDANA GARCIA. I knew of few isolated instances of any of their relatives migrating to the US.


On 19Aug1911, they had Salome SALDANA VILLARREAL. On 4Nov1943 she married Lorenzo CUESTA ORTIZ and both moved to Laredo, Texas to start their family.


Of Juanita VILLARREAL VELA I knew only that she was born in Cerralvo, NL, on 15Jul1894 and died during a trip to Laredo, TX, on 7Aug1969. Her father was Praxedis VILLARREAL (whose parents were Calixto VILLARREAL and Manuela CANTU). Her mother was Silvestre VELA, born 29Dec1871, died 6Jul1911 (whose parents were Francisco VELA and Pilar GARCIA).


I had heard that she had at least two brothers (Rafael, Praxedis, ?) and at least one sister (Maria, married to a CASTILLO in Houston, Tx).

Hearsay information is limited because it is well known that Juanita was not raised by her biological parents. An unknown aunt raised Juanita. The topic was never discussed.


Since I started reviewing the data in the “Border Crossings: From Mexico to U.S., 1903-1957″ website on Ancestry.com, I have discovered some of Junita VILLARREAL VELA de SALDANA’s relatives in the US. While reviewing the new Family Search Pilot (http://pilot.familysearch.org/recordsearch/start.html), I also came across a death certificate that added more information to Juanita’s family.


Border-Crossing data indicates:


I. Calixto VILLARREAL VELA – Juanita’s brother
Crossed: February 18, 1921, Rio Grande City, Tx
Age: 22 (b:1899?), laborer
From: Cerralvo, NL
Destination: Houston, Tx
Comment: A sister, Maria VILLARREAL, in Houston, Tx.
Purpose: Resuming residency


II. Praxedis VILLARREAL VELA – Juanita’s brother
Crossed: April 1, 1924, Rio Grande City, Tx
Age: 21 (b:1903?), laborer
From: Cerralvo, NL
Destination: Ramiritos, Tx
Comment: Grandmother, Pilar GARCIA, in Ramiritos, Tx.
Purpose: Resuming residency


III. Rafael VILLARREAL – Juanita’s uncle, (brother of Praxedis VILLARREAL CANTU?)
Crossed: June 29, 1928, Laredo, Tx
Age: 45 (b:1883?), laborer
From: Cerralvo, NL
Destination: Granger, Tx
Comment: Accompanied by a child (a US Citizen)
Purpose: Resuming residency

Death Certificate indicates:


IV. Rafael VILLARREAL VELA – Juanita’s brother
Died: 2Sept1973, Robstown, Tx
Age: 68 (b:1905?), laborer
From: Rio Grande City, Tx (US Citizen?)
Comment: Was never married
Buried: Nueces County Cemetery


Some easy conclusions:
I. Juanita’s grandmother, Pilar GARCIA, was living in Ramiritos, Tx on April 1, 1924.
II. Juanita’s sister, Maria VILLARREAL, was living in Houston, Tx on February 18, 1921.